Youth in Education, Training or employment (YETE)

YETE (Youth in Education, Training and Employment) Network

This is a local initiative based on the Youth Guarantee scheme. It is an inter-sectorial partnership formed to develop a ‘bottom up’, community-led initiative. The intention is to strategically align resources and efforts in the whole of the Wairarapa to support our young people to reach their vocational and/or educational potential by developing appropriate pathways that allow them to transition from school through tertiary to employment.

The YETE Network  comprises of representatives from secondary schools, tertiary educators, employers, community groups (particularly those working with youth), local authorities, iwi and central government agencies such as Ministry of Education,  CareersNZ and Ministry for Social Development.

YETE’s purpose is to:

  • ensure a wide range of locally led community groups/sectors work together in a connected and collaborative manner for the first time;
  • improve community, business, and educational outcomes by bringing together a range of agencies, Non Government Organisations, educational organisations, local bodies and employers with the common goal of providing relevant, purposeful and coherent pathways from education to employment;
  • strengthen and grow the provision and range of career services and information that is localised to the Wairarapa;
  • establish and facilitate the free flow of information between employers and job seekers in the Wairarapa;
  • collaborate and strengthen education and training pathways for youth “at-risk” of not going into further education, training or employment;
  • grow and build employer partnerships with schools and tertiary institutions to promote and establish more relevant learning pathways;
  • ensure schools are well informed regarding local employment needs and opportunities;
  • ensure employers have a better understanding of “millennials”, their characteristics and how best to work with them; and
  • strengthen understanding of cross-cultural competencies and how these relate and could benefit the work place.

Outcomes that will be achieved through the YETE initiative include:

  • improved economic growth and development;
  • improved life outcomes for young people – lives filled with meaning, purpose, and achievement;
  • a stronger, more productive, more positive, and more vibrant community;
  • a happier, healthier, and more socially integrated community; and
  • less time and effort spent on restorative activities.


The YETE Network is supported by an appointed Advisory Group and currently chaired by Tom Hullena.

A copy of the current structure can be downloaded here.