NZIIA – The challenge North Korea presents to the International Community

Wednesday, 11 October 2017 at 8.00 pm

The Seminar Room, Wairarapa Sports, House, Cnr. Chapel and Jackson Streets, Masterton.

All welcome Visitors:  $5.00 door charge

North Korea persists in testing its arsenal of nuclear weapons and missiles in defiance of the United States and the rest of the world.  What will become of the North Korea-U.S. standoff?  What are the odds of war with North Korea?

You are invited to an address by:

Paul Sinclair Senior Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) Victoria University
Previously Regional Security Fellow Specialising in Asia-Pacific security issues
“The challenge North Korea presents to the  International Community”

Mr Sinclair’s talk will cover a range of issues:  What motivates Pyongyang – the extent of its military capabilities – whether preventive war is an option as senior US officials have proposed – why sanctions have not been effective –  the complex nature of China’s relationship with the DPRK.  Also, the impact on New Zealand of rising tensions on the Korean peninsula – President Trump’s role in adding to these tensions – and whether there is any role for New Zealand either in a conflict role or in bolstering efforts to de-escalate tensions. Bio: While at CSS Mr Sinclair was actively engaged in Asia-Pacific maritime security issues.

He co-chaired the CSCAP maritime security study group with Singapore and Indonesian counterparts in 2013/14; presented papers on maritime security issues at CSCAP General Conferences in Beijing in 2013 and Ulan Bator in 2015.  He also focussed on Korean Peninsula and Islamic State issues; and filled a dual role for a period of about 6 months as Acting Track Two Adviser NZ Asia Foundation. As a Senior Fellow at the Centre he continues to take an active interest in and undertakes regular speaking engagements on topics such as the Korean Peninsula, South China Sea, Islamic State in SE Asia and maritime security.  He has been a member of PACDAC for three years. Prior to joining CSS Paul served 43 years in the Ministry of Defence and the New Zealand Defence Force, the last 12 years as Head of International Defence Relations. He regularly led bilateral dialogues with counterparts in a wide range of Asia-Pacific countries on defence and security interests, and regularly participated in the ARF’s defence dialogue process and, once established, the ADMM+ forum including co-chairing the Peacekeeping Operations expert working group.