These are early childhood resources for you to download and use with your children. They have been designed to be used at home or in any setting.

Please enjoy them and feel free to share them with your friends! Just click on the link below to download.

Clay - UkuMost of us have an innate feeling for the earth and deep seated satisfaction when working with it, or growing things in it. See here for some ideas on how to work with clay with pre-schoolers
BugsAll our gardens have a huge range of living creatures using them for their homes. Ideas for making an insect hotel
Playtime9MagicPotionsMagic PotionsMagic Potions
Playtime8CandleCandle & Jar ExperimentCandle & Jar Experiment
Playtime7DinosaurDinosaur CreationsDinosaur Curiosity
Playtime5Infants and ToddlersInfants and Toddlers
Playtime4Reading With Your ChildReading with your Child
Playtime3School ReadinessSchool Readiness
Playtime2Playtime 2 Water Play - Korikori WaiWater Play - Korikori Wai
Screen-Shot-2015-02-23-at-12.33Playtime 1, 2015Playdough - Paraoa Poke
Playtime 12Literacy Ideas
Playtime 11Exploratory Play
Playtime 10Finger Painting 2
Shaving FoamShaving Foam & Frozen Paint
Process CookingProcess Cooking
Literacy at PlaygroupLiteracy at Playgroup
Finger PaintingFinger Painting