ACE Courses

Adult and Community Education (ACE) Programmes

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Examples of up and coming programmes for 2017 to be updated:

Sign Language

#05362 NZ Sign Language – Beginners Level 1 – Masterton – Term 3

Te Reo:

#05369 Te Reo Beginners – Masterton – Term 3

Te Ataarangi:

#05735 Te Ataarangi – Conversational – Papawai – Term 3

#05736 Te Ataarangi – Conversational – Kaiwaewae – Term 3


#05718 Basic Sewing – Masterton  – Term 3

#05584 Basic Sewing – Featherston – Term 3

Digital Skills

#05626 Digital Skills for Whanau – Masterton – Term 3

#05631 Digital Skills for Whanau – Carterton – Term 3

#05634 Digital Skills for Whanau – Featherston – Term 3

#05639 Computers for Nana’s and Poppa’s – Featherston – Term 3

Te Awhina Cameron Community House

#05701 Warm up our community – knitting

#05700 Recording life’s journey

#05702 Rāranga Harakeke


#05738 Everyday English for Samoan Speakers

#05739 Stay off my note






Contact us on the Course Request form if you would like something run in your area, or something tailored just for your group.

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Like all REAPs, we run programmes specially designed for our learners. The courses listed here are those that meet the priorities set out by the Tertiary Education Commission in line with government policy.

Those priorities are:
1. Targeting learners whose initial learning was not successful.
2. Raising foundation skills.
3. Strengthening social cohesion.

Programmes must also target Literacy, Numeracy and or Language (Te Reo Maori, English, NZ Sign).

To qualify as an ACE Programme, we need to be able to meet at least Priority 1 or Priority 2. The decision on this will be made by REAP Staff who have received training in this area.

As this may be something that is difficult to comprehend, please contact REAP with any enquiries. They should be directed to the Director, Peter McNeur.