Our Mission, Vision and Values

This is our Mission, Vision and Values that guide us in our decisions:









Our MissionGrowing learning opportunities
Our VisionProviding high quality supplementary and complementary
services for the learners of the Wairarapa region
Our Values
LEARNING: We believe in providing educational experiences and access to education for people of all ages;
EMPOWERMENT:We believe in enabling people to grow stronger and be more self-sufficient through providing learning opportunities, encouragement and support;
COMMUNITY:We believe in knowing, including and valuing equally all people and organisations within our region;
RELATIONSHIPS:We believe in working together with people and organisations to build strong and sound networks and partnerships;
FLEXIBILITY:We believe in being solution focused, responding to the learning needs of our community to the needs of our community, even if it means doing things a little differently;
QUALITY:We believe in operating with credibility and integrity to achieve high standards.