About Us


Wairarapa REAP (Rural Education Activities Programme) provides lifelong learning opportunities for people of all ages, within our area.

We work across all education sectors, including early childhood, schools and adult and community education, delivery programmes which enhance and support education within the community.

Our activities are diverse and tailored to meet the different identified needs of our communities. Much of our work is about developing people, providing practical support and helping local groups and communities progress in the direction they want to go. Wairarapa REAP has a strong reputation as a specialist in facilitating and nurturing community change.

We work closely with government agencies, our District and Regional Councils, and local trusts and community groups in our area, bring people together to enable organisations to stand on their own, enable education in the widest sense, get people to fulfil their potential.

Projects include support to rural playgroups, early childhood professional development, support to primary and secondary schools, supporting adults with our ACE programmes and organising adult classes based on local initiatives, co-ordination for the Computers in Homes programme.

Wairarapa REAP has been active in the region since 1982 and is one of 13 REAPs operating around New Zealand, as members of REAP Aotearoa NZ.

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